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Attention! Steve Madden Military-Inspired Troopa Boots: 20% Off Coupon




ATTENTION! (soldier) Steve Madden Military-Inspired Troopa Boots Are 15% Off! Steve Madden shoes are well known for a blend of solid construction and trend-setting design, and the Troopa “casual military” boots are no different. (“casual military” …hmm. Now there’s a solid oxymoron).

Occasionally referred to as “combat boots“, Troopas are one of the most versatile and timeless boots on the market. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, and dresses. They can be laced up all the way if you want to go formal, or half-laced for a more casual look.

Even better? Troopas now come in a variety of colors, including tan, taupe, black or brown, so your options are pretty much limitless. It’s really up to you to decide what fits your mood or personal style. But one thing is for certain – they will never go out of style.

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Selena Gomez rocking the Steve Madden Troopa

Currently, you can get up to a 15% discount plus free shipping on every order when you use the promo code. You don’t even have to be a celebrity!

Note: It’s really easy to use a promotional code. Assuming that one is required, just write it down or remember it for use at checkout. And keep in mind that shoes already on sale also usually qualify for these coupons so you can get some really great deals. And all merchandise at automatically qualifies for free shipping!

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Bogs Boots 20% Off Coupon + 3 Features You Need in a Winter Boot for Kids


bogs boots women
Bogs Boots coupon: Up to 20% off at! – I was just telling a friend that I would bet them a dollar that Bogs Boots would be excluded from coupons, when I learned that they aren’t! This means that Bogs are eligible for the weekly promo codes released by including the current one for a 15% discount on your entire order, plus free shipping.

That’s about as good as it gets, as every order also gets free shipping. Click below to use:

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bogs_boots_kidsBogs has awesome winter boots for kids! We all know it’s inevitable; it’s going to snow at some point in the near future. Why not make the first snowfall of the season a special one by shopping for winter boots now? And what boots are more fun for kids than Bogs? When the first storm forecast hits the airwaves, your kids will be ready and eager to play in it.

Make your time less stressful in the days leading up those first few flakes by being prepared with new pair boots in the closet. It’s also a great time to snag up some fall deals and get the size and color of boot you want. Waiting means the possibility of settling for a less-than optimal color choice and/or brand because the one you wanted no longer has your child’s size. Been there, done that and trust me, it’s not fun.

Here are some helpful hints on what to look for in a great pair of winter boots for kids of all ages, and certainly reaffirm our Bogs recommendation.

1 – Ease of use. Ever wonder how you can simplify your hectic life? Or shave minutes off your morning routine? Choose winter boots that your children can put on and take off themselves easily. Winter boots with handles and wide openings that your child can slip on and off within seconds, make great choices. Bogs patented handle design ranks up there with the invention of sliced bread.  I’ve noticed other boot companies now playing catch-up with them. Scrap any boot that has laces or buckles of any kind. They are difficult to maneuver and create the need for adult help.

2- Durability. Look for boots that can last and act as hand-me downs. The boots should be made up of good quality materials with few seams. Boots that are washable are a bonus. Look for boots that aren’t single-season wear. For instance, Bogs are great for fall, winter and spring. Try adding a wool liner to a pair of rain boots if you live in a climate that allows this. If your children are different sexes, avoid pink. Neutral colors work best for hand-me downs.

bogs boots sweat pea kids3-Warmth ratings. Any parent wants to make sure their child has warm, dry feet when outside. Luckily for us, most winter boot companies will list their warmth ratings on their packaging or online under their product details tab. Bogs, even with their wide openings are warm rated to -30 Fahrenheit. Say good-bye to frost-bitten toes. The upper part of the boot is made from 7mm neoprene making them both waterproof, windproof and cozy warm. You will see cheaper knock offs of this boot, but if you read the fine print you will see that they use a less thick neoprene (4-5mm only), making them not as warm.

If you want to know more about Bogs, check out the faqs at their website. If you want a sweet discount, grab a coupon code from our site!

Whoever said you had to give up fashion for function hasn’t shopped for boots in the last decade. Great quality kids winter boots are can be both. While shopping for your Bogs, check out their new adult line dubbed “Summit”.  Because we all know life is too short to not play in the dirt and snow.

Hunter Boots on Sale: Girls Gone Wellies! Plus a Free Shipping Coupon


hunter boots celebrities

hunter boots logoGirls Gone Wellies! These uber-fashionable rubber boots are earning their spot all over the world as the perfect everyday footwear. Seen on a ton of celebrities (Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Middleton, Nicki Minaj, –who rocks a lime green pair & Kim Kardashian just to name a few), they are priced just right for the everyday woman (or man).

On top of being runway chic, they have street cred. Made from 100% waterproof rubber, means you’ll have dry comfy feet all day. You can make them a four-season choice as well by adding a pair of insulated ones to your closet.

hunter boots boxWellingtons, or rubber rain boots as we call them on this side of the pond, were your standard British footwear for years. They originated in a sold hunter green color, but brands such as Hunter have added color, prints and styles to them. Now they are both appealing AND functional, which is one of the reasons for their resurgence in popularity.

Trendy college students have blogged how awesome they are for keeping their feet dry when walking between classes. Not to mention how easy it is to squish them down into a handbag. I love the hot pink ones.

Moms with toddlers will love these too. Finally here’s a fun pair of rain boots that you can fashionably wear while joining your young ones jumping in puddles or romping around the local farm or petting zoo.

Business women can rejoice in having a functional, yet fashionable pair of rain boots that can be worn everyday all day. Hunter boots are great for your commutes and stylish enough for the office. Check out the Regent Savoy style or the Regent Carlyle.

hunter boots rain wellies

Hunter Wellies on Sale: Free shipping plus discount prices at

Not wild about wellies? You will be after you check them out on, (also check out Nomad rain boots) but be sure to grab a coupon first. They come in a variety of different colors, patterns, styles and are extremely budget friendly. The hardest part about buying your first pair of Hunter rain boots will be choosing just one pair!

*Not that Hunter brand boots are excluded from most coupons online, but you can get great prices and free shipping at!

Nomad Rain Boots on Sale: 15% Off With Promo Code at


nomad_boots_logoNomad Rain Boots Coupon, and Sale: Back when my mom wore rain boots, they really weren’t cool at all. Although they were functional, and usually available in a couple of colors, a lot of people didn’t see them as high fashion. Now there are a couple of companies churning out stylish rain boots including Nomad.

Check out some of their more sassy rain boots below, and use a coupon for to get an extra 15-20% or more off your order, plus all orders get free shipping!

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Nomad Boots on Sale + New Coupon!

A few years back it must have been Hunter that made rain boots cool. Celebrities quickly jumped on them, and prices eclipsed $200 for a stylish pair. Although these Nomad boots are by no means “cheap,” they are a less expensive alternative, and just as sassy. You can even search specifically for Noman boots on sale at, and the coupon still works for already discounted shoes!

Frye Boots Coupon: 15% Discount & Free Shipping



frye_boots_logoFrye Leather Boots on sale – There’s currently a pretty good ongoing sale on Frye boots and shoes over at Both boots and shoes are marked down up to 20%, plus you can use the promotional code below for up to an extra 10-20% discount and there is free shipping on every order.

This brand isn’t cheap, and it’s great to find a store that not only has Frye boots on sale, but also offers a coupon and free shipping to boot. (pun!)

These boots are popular with celebrities (see below) and can be worn during the summer months as well.

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Frye boots & shoes are an American tradition. A family business since the 19th Century in New England, most of these boots are hand made in America.

They were extremely popular with soldiers in WWII, and there is even a pair in the Smithsonian, as they represent the style and attitude of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Of course, did I mention that celebrities love them? Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Leighton Meester, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Minnillo are just a few who sport Frye boots.

*You should probably just buy what Miley Cyrus buys, because her life is just one good decision after another!

Some of the most popular styles of Frye boots include:

  • Jillian Chelsea
  • Veronica Combat & Short
  • Courtney lace up
  • Wyatt Overlay
  • Frye Carson laceup
  • Jayden Cross Strap
  • Paige tall riding boots

Use a coupon for up to an extra 20% on Frye Boots!