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Chuck Taylor All-Stars: $10-20 Off w/ Coupon + Free Shipping

chuck taylor logoConverse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are one of the most iconic shoe styles ever. Now you can get them at the best prices ever with our featured coupons & promo codes for up to a 20% discount & free shipping on top brands like “Chucks.”

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Chuck Taylor All-Stars at Finish Line: Old School Converse Coupon & Free Shipping

Very rarely does a shoe achieve household-name status; “iconic,” if you will. The Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker by Converse is one of those shoes. Originally produced in 1917 as a shoe for elite professional basketball players, the Chuck Taylor, with its telltale white rubber sole and simple canvas upper, has become an iconic symbol of casual style.

Con’s, Chucks, All-Stars, or Chuck Taylor’s?

Whether you call them “Cons”, “Chucks” or “All Stars“, Finish Line has a bunch of different styles, for men, women and children. A few of the Chucks on are over $75, so if you are buying one of those pairs this 15% off coupon for orders over $70 will work for you. If your order is just under $70, throw in a funky pair of laces to push you over that $75 mark; they have a bunch of different kinds.

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Wilt Chamberlain w/ his Chuck Taylors

So…who was Chuck Taylor anyway (and Who Were the All-Stars?)

chuck taylorSo, Chuck Taylor and the All-Stars are that old band that still play at casino’s, right? Oh yeah, I remember. He was that guy who averaged a triple-double in the ’65 Finals, winning game 5 with a reverse-dunk over Bill Russell, right? No?

Actually, the truth is much more mundane. Chuck Taylor was an American salesman for Converse, who launched the All Star sneaker line in the 1910s. Taylor started wearing them during his days as a high school basketball player, and after getting a job at Converse in 1921, suggested modifying the design to add more flexibility and support for the ankle.

By 1923, the All Star was renamed the Chuck Taylor All Star, and in the 1930’s Converse added Chuck’s signature to the design. In 1957 they released a low-cut version of the All-Star, and began to produce the shoe in multiple new colors. The rest is history.

So, Chuck Taylor Must Be a Millionaire, Right?

Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, get paid! 

Sounds pretty cool to have your name on a sneaker, right? Well, over 600 million pairs of Chucks have been sold (the best selling basketball sneaker of all time, I might add), and old Chuck never received any royalties or commissions, even though his name is associated with each one… what a kick in the ass!

Lesson: Next time someone offers to name a shoe after you, ask for a royalty of a dollar from each pair sold! Actually, I hope they have a better deal with RUN DMC’s Adidas shoes!

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Women’s Converse on Sale – Up to 30% Off at!: Originally released in 1913 as the first “official” basketball sneaker, today Converse sneakers have a rebellious edge due to their association with skater culture and early 90s grunge bands like Nirvana (Converse even had a signature Kurt Cobain sneaker back in the ’08).

The Converse All Star is a terrific go-to shoe when you want that sporty, youthful vibe.

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Through the years, the designers over at Converse, Inc. have produced some interesting shoes by making various modifications to the original 1913 silhouette, including adding zippers and buckles, playing around with the height of the upper (look at the Converse Women’s All Star XX-Hi if you really want to make a statement), and dressing it up with various patterns.

However, the essential DNA of the shoe, featuring the the bright white sole and simple metal lace eyelets, is just about* always intact. (*personal note: there are a few iterations of the shoe where the sole is a different color, but I think it’s pretty fugly.)

More awesomeness: Many of the women’s Converse sneakers at are currently on sale. Tack on additional savings with a promo code, and you can pick up a pair for close to what you could have gotten them for back in 1913! (well, not really – but they are still pretty cheap!)

Everyone loves the Converse All Stars – they have been spotted recently on the feet of such celebs at Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Pippa Middleton!


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Considering the lineage, simplicity and versatility of the Converse All Star, it make’s absolutely no sense for you to not to have at least one pair in your closet. They go good with jeans, a dress, or shorts – I’ve even seen guys wear Converse All Stars with a full, 3-piece suit! And they are one of the few shoes that work on both men and women. Although you probably don’t want to swap shoes with your significant other – gross! Get your own! Also, if you are inspired by what footwear celebrities wear, check out low prices and free shipping on all Hunter boots for women.