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Fitness Trackers: $10 Off Coupon – Watches from Finish Line from Garmin & Polar

finish line logo smallCoupons for Fitness Trackers from Finish Line – If you are looking for a wearble fitness tracker or watch, you’ll find that the best prices are at when you use a coupon. Grab a featured promo code from below for up to 20% off and free shipping:

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Fitness Trackers & Wearable Weight Loss Tech from Finish Line

Although still in it’s infancy, wearable tech is set to explode in 2014. From Google Glass to the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, slipping on wearable technology will one day be as common as slipping on a pair of shoes. Sony has even filed a patent for a “Smart Wig” for elderly users. Crazy stuff.

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But while that is still a bit off into the future, wearable fitness trackers are here now – and they made a big impact on me in 2013. Before using one, I used to have to strap my iPhone to my upper arm, and use an app to track my run. Besides being rather bulky, it had limitations.

I like to track the amount of steps I take during the day as well as my runs, and the app on the phone couldn’t do that (although I am assuming there is an app for that).

Fitness Trackers & Watches: Don’t forget to use a coupon code!

The fitness tracker that I bought almost a year ago is a smart little way to log miles and keep track of calories burned. Now I just wear my Nike+ Sportwatch all the time, and it records everything from route, pace data, activity level and changes in elevation. Pop it right into a USB port, it uploads the data and recharges the watch. Easy.

FinishLine currently has a nice selection of fitness trackers, including Under Armour, Nike, Polar, and Garmin. A few of them are currently on sale and many qualify for one of the $20 Finish Line coupons as many are over $120.

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G-Shock Watches Coupon: Up to 20% Off + Free Shipping at Finish Line

finish line logo smallG-Shock watch brand is included in the current coupons at Click below to get up to a 20% discount and free delivery:

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G-Shock Watches: Stylish, Rugged, and on Sale (Use Promo Code)

I really like G-Shock watches; they are stylish enough to wear on a night out, as well as rugged enough to wear during a tough workout. They are shock and water resistant, and they are often the choice of U.S. military personnel, so you know they can take a beating.

G-Shock watches have lots useful features like a stopwatch so you can pace yourself during a race or training, an LED light so you can see at night, and many of them are solar powered as well.

G-Shock Watches at Finish Line: The best price we can find online

When using a coupon code, not only do you get free standard shipping on any G-Shock watch, but also an extra $10 or more off your order. That brings the price of these watches down to the lowest that we can find online. If you are considering buying more than one watch, or have a store-wide order total greater than $150, consider one of our other coupons for even bigger discount.

More About Legendary G-Shock Watches

G-Shock watches are made by Casio, the same company that brought us the Swatch Watch in the 1980s – and like the Swatch watch, many G-Shocks have become collectors items. But while the Swatch was designed to be fun and trendy, the G-Shock was designed primarily for sports, military and outdoor adventure oriented activity; two of the G-Shock models have even been flight-qualified by NASA for space travel!