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The North Face Trail Running Shoes: $20 Off + Free Shipping

finish line logo smallCoupons for North Face Trail Running Shoes at – If you are looking for apparel for your favorite football team, check out the selection at, and pick up a promo code for up to a 20% discount before you buy!

north face trail shoes coupon

Coupons for Trail Running Shoes: The North Face & New Balance for Men and Women

Trail Running Shoes at Finish Line: Get a Coupon and Get Dirty: Trail running is one of my favorite activities, and I especially enjoy it this time of the year. The air is cool, the leaves are crunchy underfoot, and the woods where I run are usually a bit damp which lets you get a good whiff of that mulchy, earthy smell. Nice.

trail running north face

The North Face Trail Running Shoes for Running on Uneven Terrain

Variations in the scenery keep things interesting, and I almost have to be hyper-aware of my surroundings as the terrain is very variable. One second I might be running uphill, the next I might be jumping across a stream or over a fallen log. It’s a good mental exercise as well as physical. It also tends to recenter me spiritually as being out in nature is good for the soul. (and the runner’s high helps too!)

For trail running I usually wear a rather chunky pair of New Balance, but The North Face has recently been releasing more minimalist shoes specifically for trail running, like the Nike Free Hyperfeel. I’m really considering getting a pair of these, as they are supposed to mimic the feel of running barefooted, which is probably a cool feeling when you are trucking through the woods!

Most Trail Shoes Ship Free Unless Noted at

Head over to to see their entire collection of trail running shoes, and be sure to use one of our Finish Line coupons if you are interested in picking up a pair.

Keen Shoes: Up to 30% Off at + Free Shipping!



Women’s Keen Newport H2
Regularly $100 / Now on sale for $80!
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The Keen Newport is the monster truck of the sandal world and will take just about whatever you or the elements can throw at it. And the good news is that the entire family can get in on the outdoor fun as Keen Newports are available for men, women, boys and girls. Check out the entire selection of Newports here >>

Did you Know?


While the Keen brand is best known for their innovative sandal designs, they also produce a pretty robust selection of various footwear, including hiking boots and causal shoes for men, women and kids. And many of them are currently on sale.

(Note: Keep in mind that Keen brand shoes are usually excluded from extra discounts including promo codes at, but you can still find some awesome deals on them because of the sale price!)

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Check out the review below on the Keen Newport sandal, the best “adventure sandal” on the market :

Cool and Casual: Women’s Pumas Coupon for



Women’s Puma Sky Wedge
Regularly $90 / Now on sale for $81
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Cool and Casual: Women’s Pumas on Sale at The Puma brand has always been synonymous with cool and casual styling, mainly because of its attachment to the street skating culture of the early 90s. And while the classic Puma Suede hits a 10 on the freshness-meter (that’s a real thing, the Freshness-Meter – you can Google it), the rest of the Puma brand is pretty tight as well.

See all the Women’s Pumas at >>

Want to elevate your game? Check out the Women’s Puma Sky Wedge. These kicks will surely make a statement, and look great with a pair of skinny jeans. The retro vibe is strong with these joints, so be prepared for an epic 80s break dance session if you happen upon a big piece of cardboard while wearing them.


Women’s Puma Sky Wedge
Regularly $90 / Now on sale for $81
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Already have a pair (or 3) of the Puma Suedes? Then look to the Puma Aley. This shoe has a similar classic flavor as the Puma Suede, but with more of a sporty edge.

Think the selection of Women’s Pumas at stops there? Wrong again, my friend! carries the Puma Holgram, the Nylon, the Classic Extreme, the Soleil, the Super Ripstop…and the list goes on and on. Never heard of those? Well go check them out!

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Hit the Trail – 25% Off Women’s Solomon Trail Shoes + A Promo Code!



Women’s Solomon Speedcross 3
Regularly $125 / Now $100
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Hit the Trail – 25% Off Women’s Solomon Trail Shoes + A Promo Code!: Trail running is one of my favorite outdoor activities. The varied terrain breaks up the monotony of running, and you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings – one minute you might be hopping over a log, the next you might be splashing across a stream. It’s a good mental, as well as physical, workout! Trail running is also a great way to vary your workout and hit muscle groups that aren’t normally engaged with flat road running. You’re going to feel it after being out on the trails!


Women’s Solomon Amphib 3
Regularly $85 / Now $68
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Also consider the physiological benefits of being out on the trail (the Japanese actually have a term for it called shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”), as research has shown that being out in nature reduces stress hormones and blood pressure.

If you’re looking to get into trail running, or need a new pair of trail shoes, consider Solomon. They are a premier brand for trail running shoes, and other outdoorsy-type footwear. And luck would have it that has recently marked down their selection of Solomon trail running shoes, with some on sale for up to 25% off! Stack on a promo code, and you’ll find some great deals!

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Salomon_TrailrunningThe top 4 benefits of trail running with a partner:

1. Motivation – Have a partner who you often hit the trails with, and you’re less likely to skip a workout.
2. Pacing – Running with another person will encourage you to keep going, even when fatigue starts to set in.
3. Safety – Especially important in the woods or on the trail where there are many tripping hazards.
4. Shared Experiences – Being out in the woods or on the trail is a wonderful experience in itself. It’s nice to share it with another person. Hey, look, a deer!

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