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Hit the Trail – 25% Off Women’s Solomon Trail Shoes + A Promo Code!: Trail running is one of my favorite outdoor activities. The varied terrain breaks up the monotony of running, and you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings – one minute you might be hopping over a log, the next you might be splashing across a stream. It’s a good mental, as well as physical, workout! Trail running is also a great way to vary your workout and hit muscle groups that aren’t normally engaged with flat road running. You’re going to feel it after being out on the trails!


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Also consider the physiological benefits of being out on the trail (the Japanese actually have a term for it called shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”), as research has shown that being out in nature reduces stress hormones and blood pressure.

If you’re looking to get into trail running, or need a new pair of trail shoes, consider Solomon. They are a premier brand for trail running shoes, and other outdoorsy-type footwear. And luck would have it that Shoes.com has recently marked down their selection of Solomon trail running shoes, with some on sale for up to 25% off! Stack on a Shoes.com promo code, and you’ll find some great deals!

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Salomon_TrailrunningThe top 4 benefits of trail running with a partner:

1. Motivation – Have a partner who you often hit the trails with, and you’re less likely to skip a workout.
2. Pacing – Running with another person will encourage you to keep going, even when fatigue starts to set in.
3. Safety – Especially important in the woods or on the trail where there are many tripping hazards.
4. Shared Experiences – Being out in the woods or on the trail is a wonderful experience in itself. It’s nice to share it with another person. Hey, look, a deer!

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