Hunter Boots on Sale: Girls Gone Wellies! Plus a Free Shipping Coupon


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hunter boots logoGirls Gone Wellies! These uber-fashionable rubber boots are earning their spot all over the world as the perfect everyday footwear. Seen on a ton of celebrities (Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Middleton, Nicki Minaj, –who rocks a lime green pair & Kim Kardashian just to name a few), they are priced just right for the everyday woman (or man).

On top of being runway chic, they have street cred. Made from 100% waterproof rubber, means you’ll have dry comfy feet all day. You can make them a four-season choice as well by adding a pair of insulated ones to your closet.

hunter boots boxWellingtons, or rubber rain boots as we call them on this side of the pond, were your standard British footwear for years. They originated in a sold hunter green color, but brands such as Hunter have added color, prints and styles to them. Now they are both appealing AND functional, which is one of the reasons for their resurgence in popularity.

Trendy college students have blogged how awesome they are for keeping their feet dry when walking between classes. Not to mention how easy it is to squish them down into a handbag. I love the hot pink ones.

Moms with toddlers will love these too. Finally here’s a fun pair of rain boots that you can fashionably wear while joining your young ones jumping in puddles or romping around the local farm or petting zoo.

Business women can rejoice in having a functional, yet fashionable pair of rain boots that can be worn everyday all day. Hunter boots are great for your commutes and stylish enough for the office. Check out the Regent Savoy style or the Regent Carlyle.

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Hunter Wellies on Sale: Free shipping plus discount prices at

Not wild about wellies? You will be after you check them out on, (also check out Nomad rain boots) but be sure to grab a coupon first. They come in a variety of different colors, patterns, styles and are extremely budget friendly. The hardest part about buying your first pair of Hunter rain boots will be choosing just one pair!

*Not that Hunter brand boots are excluded from most coupons online, but you can get great prices and free shipping at!