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Andrew Wiggins Bio & Shoes: His GAME Does the Talking

About Andrew Wiggins: If there’s one word you could use to describe Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Andrew Wiggins, it would be quiet. But, before we get into his bio, let’s look at why, even in high school, he has a history of leaving other people at a loss of words: (except for maybe, the word, “nasty?”)

Andrew Wiggins: High School Official Mixtape (nasty!)

Andrew Wiggins Biography: Oh, Canada!

Throughout his life, he’s never been one who needed to be the center of attention in every minute of the day. On the contrary, he’d be perfectly happy to be out of the spotlight away from the court. It’s a large part of why he is so reluctant to open up to anyone outside of his inner circle and the Timberwolves’ locker room.

It’s not that the Toronto-born Wiggins is rude to those he doesn’t know or lacks the intellect to hold a conversation. On the contrary, he’s polite and might be one of the NBA’s most cerebral players. It’s that unless the subject is ping-pong, one of his favorite ways to unwind when he’s off the court, he often simply doesn’t have much to say.

Wisdom in silence

Wise men speak because they have something to say;
Fools because they have to say something.” Plato

There’s a reason for that. While others talk, Wiggins is calculating, learning from the words around him. He doesn’t speak unless he needs to, and more often than not, there’s nothing that needs to be said. His game says all that is necessary and a lot more.

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Photo: Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Wiggins has been a top contributor from day one in the Twin Cities, scoring 17 points per game as a rookie and claiming Rookie of the Year honors in 2014-15. Two years later, the 6’8″ Wiggins had brought his scoring average to 21.6 points a game and made it clear that the Timberwolves have a blossoming star that they can build around to resurrect their team.

If Wiggins doesn’t want to do much talking about his success, that’s just fine with the Timberwolves. All that matters to them is the performance he gives them on a nightly basis.

“Winners come in all different personality types,” Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau said. “Some guys are quiet, but they’re fierce inside. Some guys are loud, and you think they’re fierce but they’re not. I watch a player’s actions. They tell me everything.”

Wiggins’ actions have told Thibodeau that his best player flourishes best when he’s allowed to be his quiet self and understand the game around him.

nasty dunk wiggins andrew

Andrew Wiggins: student of the game

Wiggins has always been a student of the game, dating back to as young as 2 years old, when he would watch his father Mitchell play professional basketball in Greece. That action alone made him different from most kids his age: he would actually watch his father play.

Watching his father helped him learn what he needed to do when he got onto the court himself, and when it was his turn to play, his foundation combined with his natural talent made him one of the most sought prospects at the college level before he signed to play college basketball at Kansas. With both the Jayhawks and the Timberwolves, Wiggins’ approach to the game has been simple: combine talent, hard work and basketball intelligence at once and beat you with an unbeatable combination. In four seasons in the spotlight, it’s never let him down.

It’s why the Timberwolves were willing to package Kevin Love in a deal with Cleveland (kyrie irving approved of the deal) to bring the Canadian big man to Minnesota, and they’ve been pleased with the results. Just as the Timberwolves had hoped, Wiggins has stepped up as a top talent and a leader, albeit a quiet one.

Andrew Wiggins: Quiet man, loud & “crazy explosive” shoes:

andrew wiggins adidas shoes

Ironically, despite the quiet nature that Wiggins is known for, his shoes from Adidas are anything but. Known as the Crazy Explosive, Wiggins’ signature shoe looks like something you’d expect from one of the flashier stars of the NBA, but a look at the shoe itself reveals why it’s a perfect fit for him.

The most obvious is the choice of the colors, representing the blue and green of the Timberwolves. Beyond that, however, the high-arching ankle support makes it a perfect fit for Wiggins, who showed up on campus at Kansas in 2013 with ankle braces on. Another signature feature on the shoe is the AW logo, featuring a small maple leaf in the center of the A to represent his connection to the Great White North.

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Andrew Wiggins’ Crazy Explosive shoes are also about substance

Check out the “unboxing” of Andrew Wiggins shoes!

Like Wiggins himself, though, the shoe is about substance. Primeknit construction on the top makes the shoe breathable and lightweight, allowing faster movement, while the Boost cushioning allows the heel to recover quickly from the pressure it takes during a game. The finished product is a blend of style and substance, much like what the Timberwolves are hoping Wiggins will be when all is said and done.

He’s showing signs of doing exactly that this year – although his teammates don’t mind if he takes his time on that one.

“Sometimes he doesn’t have to say much when you see him working so hard on something,” Minnesota guard Ricky Rubio said. “That’s the way to lead sometimes.”

Andrew Wiggins Stats & salary

The latest Andrew Wiggins stats & salary from espn.com | more of Andrew Wiggins bio at wikipedia.org

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Kristaps Porzingis Bio: Latvian NBA Star w/ Massive Contract & Shoe Deal

Kristaps Porzingis bio: On the surface, Kristaps Porzingis isn’t supposed to be the critical player that he is for the New York Knicks. That’s probably why many Knicks fans booed when their team “wasted” a lottery pick on the largely-unknown, gangly 20-year old Latvian.

What was surprising was his impressive combination of size and skills that quickly made him a a star for the Knicks, and propelling him to a spot on the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Since, he has become one of the league’s most popular young players, and has also earned the undisputed title of “the most popular man in Latvia.”

Latvia: Not Really A Hot-Bed of Basketball Talent

latvia mapHis country of origin certainly doesn’t suggest success at basketball’s highest level. His home nation of Latvia has a proud athletic tradition, but that tradition is in ice hockey, not basketball. With a temperature that regularly pushes into the 20s, many Latvians spend their winters on the pond rather than in the gym.

The Baltic states do have a proud basketball past, but that past belongs almost exclusively to Latvia’s southern neighbor Lithuania. Unlike the Lithuanians, the Latvians have never qualified for the Olympics and couldn’t make a team of NBA players from their country, having just four Latvians who have gone on to the NBA. Of those four, only Porzingis and Andris Biedrins have managed to reach the 100-game mark in the NBA.

Basketball is In Porzingis’ Blood

But basketball has always been in Kristaps Porzingis’ blood. Back when he was still wearing a Carmelo Anthony jersey as a kid, it was widely assumed that he was going to follow the path his family had set for him. As the son of a former semi-pro player and a former Latvia women’s youth team player, Porzingis had the right bloodlines to break the mold of his country and become the kind of success that Latvia had never before seen on the basketball court.

Breaking the mold was one thing. Becoming the face of one of the most visible franchises in the world was quite another. Far from the bust that New York fans feared he would become on draft night, when he was picked fourth overall in the 2015 NBA draft to become the highest-picked player in the NBA draft of any of the three Baltic sates, Porzingis has instead become one of the Knicks’ most consistent players.

porzingis shoe deal

mage via USA TODAY Sports / Bill Streicher

Kristaps Porzingis Bio: A Deadly 7+ Foot Tall Latvian Sharp-Shooter!

His towering 7’3” height gives him the size to deal with anyone inside as one of the tallest players NBA history, but he’s also nimble on his feet and can create his own shots from down low when necessary. In short, he creates a match-up nightmare for the defense where it’s difficult to take anything away from him because of his options.

It’s why he’s in line to get a raise from his $4+ million salary when his rookie contract expires. It’s why he’s become a consistent scorer and given the Knicks a true threat both inside and outside the lane. It’s why he outplayed his rookie contract in his first season in the league, becoming the first rookie in league history to post more than 1,000 points, 75 three-pointers, 500 rebounds and 100 blocks in a single season.

It’s also why Adidas chose to give Porzingis the richest shoe contract ever awarded to a European NBA player of any nationality, despite Porzingis being a mere 21 years old and in the midst of his second NBA season at the time of the offer.



Kristaps Porzingis Signs Shoe Deal w/ Adidas is Worth Millions

Nike and it’s Jordan brand controls a staggering 95% market share in basketball shoes, but Adidas just took out a sling shot and is trying to channel David vs. Goliath with their Porzingis shoe deal. (A very tall David, I might add!) 

So, how much is Kristaps’ shoe contract worth? Like most NBA shoe deals, the one Adidas signed with Porzingis is based largely on incentives and bonuses, but is valued at $3-6 million dollars a year. That’s up there with the best, rivaling Nike’s signature shoe deal with Kyrie Irving.

That’s also the biggest shoe deal ever for a European basketball player, and a lot more than the $25,000 a year he was making with the Nike shoe deal he signed in 2012. It’s also enough to convince him to ditch the Nike Kobe X Elites that he used to wear. (Which he colored blue with magic marker!) 

porzingis nike shoes

Porzingis’ old shoes – Photo credit: Gemini Keez

When asked by The Vertical about the shoe contract, Porzingis said:

“All I can say is both Nike and adidas are first-class companies… I would be lucky to align myself with either one. The amount of attention I received was flattering, but right now I am letting my agents handle the business side of things.”

Wow, and he’s a class-act too? That question from the press was a big fat chance to screw this whole endorsement deal up, which is what a lot of 21 year-old NBA players would have done!

Also, Porzingis is one of the most popular jerseys in the NBA, (#4 on nbastore.com) so that’s a good sign for the future.

Kristaps’ “Crazy Explosive” Basketball Shoes from Adidas

The resulting shoe is the KP-6 as part of Adidas’ Crazy Explosive brand of shoe. Porzingis and Andrew Wiggins are pairing to back the sneaker that came with full-foam conditioning on the insoles, giving its wearers a feeling of relax and comfort throughout the life of the shoe.

For players like Porzingis, the extra cushion means that his body won’t be thrown into a defender when he’s trying to make a move to the basket. Instead, Porzingis has complete control over his body and is able to use his knowledge and quickness to make something happen during the scant amount of time that he has to make a decision.

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porzingis biography

Photo: Chris Keane for SI

Porzingis: A “Crazy Explosive” NBA Weapon

Becoming one-dimensional has never been a concern for Porzingis, who has made himself into a top weapon for his team, regardless of the league in which he’s competing. Whether it was his club team as a youth in Latvia, his first professional team of Baloncesto Cevillia, or the New York Knicks, Porzingis has always brought a professional attitude to the court, along with the demeanor of someone who wants to keep making progress and keep showing improvement.

That might not be what you’d expect from a 21-year-old in the NBA, but Porzingis has proven time and time again that he’s anything but the typical youth. Instead, this is a man who believes 10 blocks a game would be easier than getting 10 assists and took his preparation for the NBA so seriously that he backed out of the draft in 2014, choosing instead to spend the upcoming year working toward being a deserving lottery pick the next year.

With the Knicks on the rise and Porzingis a large reason why, that’s an extra year of preparation that appears to have paid off in a big way.

Photo credit: (top) Mary Altaffer / SI – (Coupons are for Foot Locker and Finish Line)