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nike air max coupon

Nike Air Max at Finish Line: 3 Coupons, Air Max’s On Sale + Free Shipping

nike air max smallThe NIKE Outlet Sale section at finishline.com – Why pay full price when you can find hundreds of styles of Nike shoes for men, women, and kids at the Finish Line Nike Outlet. You can also use a promo code towards most sale items, giving you the best prices plus free shipping:

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Nike Air Max 1: Get a $10-20 Coupon at Finish Line!

finish line logo smallThe Nike Air Max has been a strong presence in the running shoe scene since it was first introduced. Featuring the distinctive Air Max cushioning unit at the heel, extremely lightweight,  and a myriad of interesting colorways, the Nike Air Max sets the standard for shoes that blur the line between sport performance and casual styling.

Air Max’s Are Eligible for Promo Codes at FinishLine.com including Air-Max 90’s

Finish Line has a great selection of Nike Air Max shoes for men, women, and kids. Some of their hot Max’s include the Premium Tape, the Nike Air Max 1 Paris, ultra flyknit running shoes, ultra essential running shoes, air max 95, air max 90, and Thea Jacquard SE running shoe.

Like most popular car models, Nike is also expected to put out a new Air Max design every year, so look for shoe descriptions to incude “2016, 2017, 2018, 2019″, etc!

When it debuted all the way back in 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 was an instant hit, impressing wearers with its simplistic blueprint and unmatched comfort. And to this day, it continues to attract those who want a nice blend of a clean and stylish, yet unpretentious, sneaker that can still provide the support needed for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

another nike air max coupon

The Air Max is a Classic that is Still Evolving (like bigfoot?)

Nike has lately been getting creative with the colorways and materials they have been using to dress up the Nike Air Max 1, but at the core it still remains a classic, well-built and comfortable shoe.

Why are Air Max’s so successful, you ask? The unique “stair step” design of the upper, minimalist branding, and visible Air Max units along the sole add to the distinctive look. Tack on the legendary comfort, as well as Nike’s continual desire to innovate, and you have a shoe that should have no problem sticking around for another three decades. (unless we blow ourselves up first

Air Max’s on Sale! Almost half of the selection of Air Max’s at Finishline.com are currently on sale – and if you do decide to pick up a pair, make sure that you also pick up one of our coupons for Finish Line as well to get an even better deal. You can see when the latest Air Max designs are scheduled on the Finish Line release calendar.


The Nike Air Max Launched a Sneaker Revolution & Has a Celebrity Following

My rule of thumb when it comes to women and shoes is, “if it’s good enough for Adam Levine, its good enough for me.” I know that’s inspiring and humble, but it’s true.

finish line nike air max celebrities

Ever since these shoes were first released about 30 years ago, Air Max’s have been associated with celebrity, sport and music. The first TV campaign for the AM1 used the Beatles song “Revolution,” and they were later endorsed by multi-sport athlete Bo Jackson.

Even today, the Nike Air Force one has a great celebrity following, being seen on the feet of celebrities such as Adam Levine, Joe Manganiello and Jude Law.

air max celebrities

The Maxes have also have evolved with new fly knit technology for runners. Check it out:

PUMA Suede Shoes: $20 Off Coupon + Popular With Celebrities!

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Coupons for PUMA Suedes
 – If you’re looking for the best price on PUMA or PUMA Suedes, check out our latest coupons for Finish Line below. Get up to $20 off + free shipping site-wide on hot styles like PUMA’s suede shoes for men or women!

celebrity puma suede shoes

PUMA Suede: Up to a 20% Discount w/ Coupon! (Plus, Free Shipping?)

So I mentioned a while back how much I love the classic Puma Suede shoe. It’s my go to shoe when I need a casual sneaker, but still want to wear jeans. The white soles of the Puma Suede maintain a clean, fresh look and the myriad of colors can add a nice pop to an otherwise bland pair of jeans. (Pro Tip: don’t wear regular running shoes or tennis shoes with jeans – it looks corny. Unless you’re Steve Jobs… then you can wear anything you want.)

kylie jenner puma suede

Celebrities Wearing PUMA Suede

Taking a quick walk around the internets, you can see how many celebrities continue to rock the Puma Suede. Stars like Ashton Kutcher, Jack Black, Kylie Jenner, Chris Brown, Cory Monteith, Will.I.Am, and many more have been photographed wearing these iconic shoes.

will-i-am puma suede shoes

womens puma suede shoe coupon

Also Look for Free Shipping

The amazing thing is that PUMA shoes often qualify for free shipping if you spend a minimum amount. Add in the discount from our promo codes, and that’s the best price online for hot PUMA suede shoes for women, kids, and men!

chuck_taylor all stars converse coupon

Chuck Taylor All-Stars: $10-20 Off w/ Coupon + Free Shipping

chuck taylor logoConverse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are one of the most iconic shoe styles ever. Now you can get them at the best prices ever with our featured coupons & promo codes for up to a 20% discount & free shipping on top brands like “Chucks.”

chuck taylor all star coupon finish line

Chuck Taylor All-Stars at Finish Line: Old School Converse Coupon & Free Shipping

Very rarely does a shoe achieve household-name status; “iconic,” if you will. The Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker by Converse is one of those shoes. Originally produced in 1917 as a shoe for elite professional basketball players, the Chuck Taylor, with its telltale white rubber sole and simple canvas upper, has become an iconic symbol of casual style.

Con’s, Chucks, All-Stars, or Chuck Taylor’s?

Whether you call them “Cons”, “Chucks” or “All Stars“, Finish Line has a bunch of different styles, for men, women and children. A few of the Chucks on Finishline.com are over $75, so if you are buying one of those pairs this 15% off coupon for orders over $70 will work for you. If your order is just under $70, throw in a funky pair of laces to push you over that $75 mark; they have a bunch of different kinds.

old school chuck taylors

Wilt Chamberlain w/ his Chuck Taylors

So…who was Chuck Taylor anyway (and Who Were the All-Stars?)

chuck taylorSo, Chuck Taylor and the All-Stars are that old band that still play at casino’s, right? Oh yeah, I remember. He was that guy who averaged a triple-double in the ’65 Finals, winning game 5 with a reverse-dunk over Bill Russell, right? No?

Actually, the truth is much more mundane. Chuck Taylor was an American salesman for Converse, who launched the All Star sneaker line in the 1910s. Taylor started wearing them during his days as a high school basketball player, and after getting a job at Converse in 1921, suggested modifying the design to add more flexibility and support for the ankle.

By 1923, the All Star was renamed the Chuck Taylor All Star, and in the 1930’s Converse added Chuck’s signature to the design. In 1957 they released a low-cut version of the All-Star, and began to produce the shoe in multiple new colors. The rest is history.

So, Chuck Taylor Must Be a Millionaire, Right?

Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, get paid! 

Sounds pretty cool to have your name on a sneaker, right? Well, over 600 million pairs of Chucks have been sold (the best selling basketball sneaker of all time, I might add), and old Chuck never received any royalties or commissions, even though his name is associated with each one… what a kick in the ass!

Lesson: Next time someone offers to name a shoe after you, ask for a royalty of a dollar from each pair sold! Actually, I hope they have a better deal with RUN DMC’s Adidas shoes!

nike shox coupon featured

Nike Shox Coupon: Up to a 20% Discount + Free Shipping w/ Promo Code

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Nike Shox
 shoes are included in the current coupons at finishline.com. Click below to get up to a 20% discount and free delivery:

nike shox shoes coupon

Nike Shox: The Best Price Online Is at Finish Line! (With Coupon)

Nike Shox provide great cushioning, an innovative design and a unique feel. Whether you are working out, running a race, or are looking for a shoe that helps with foot and back strain, Nike Shox are designed to provide optimal support and responsiveness. Finish Line has a great selection of Nike Shox for kids, men and women, and you can’t beat free shipping and a $10 off coupon!

The great thing about this offer is that the code is good storewide, with relatively few exclusions. After using it, the final price for a pair of these shoes is the lowest online that we can find! Also, remember that most orders also ship for free. This promotion is ongoing, but click over to our homepage if it has expired, or if you’d like to see other coupons.

nike shox men

More about Nike Shox

The first Nike Shox shoe was released in 2000, and since that time the brand has gained fans like Jerry Seinfeld and Hugh Laurie from the Fox show House (he’s rumored to have 37 pairs, and has worn a number of them on the show!)

nike elite socks coupon

Nike Elite Socks Coupons: Up to 20% Off + Most Ship Free at Finish Line

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Coupons for Nike Elite & Hyper Elite Socks at finishline.com
 – Let’s hope that this global wave of populist anger against the elites doesn’t affect Nike’s Elite Socks, because they are really great! Use a coupon below for the best prices online & free shipping:

nike hyper elite socks

Nike Elite Socks: Proof That Even Socks Evolve (But do sock monkeys evolve? hmmm…)

Socks have come a long way since I played serious competitive sports back in the day – we used to just throw on any old pair before lacing up for a game. But the folks over at Nike are in the mindset that if you’re going to shell out $100+ for high-performance sneakers, you should have an equally well engineered pair of socks to accompany them.

The Nike Elite Socks have targeted padding to protect and cushion the areas most prone to impact, and have developed a special Dri-FIT fabric that quickly wicks away sweat to keep your feet comfortable. *After wearing these socks in a few recent pickup games, I’m a believer.

elite socks protest

DOWN WITH ELITIST SOCKS!!! We are NOT descended from (sock) monkeys!!! 

Don’t Forget to Use a Promo Code to Get the Best Price

* And remember, if you are ordering a bunch of pairs for yourself or your team, take advantage of one of our Finish Line coupons as well on top of the Nike Elite 2 for $30 deal – if your order totals over $75, you will be eligible for the $10 coupon.

Deals change every day, so your best bet is to click above to see today’s top promo codes, or check the Finish Line’s shoe release calendar for notifications on exciting new sock releases.

A Brief History of Socks (Before Fancy Elite & “Super Elite” Socks Came Along)

  • Stone Age – Animal skins were gathered and tied around the ankle to protect the foot from the environment…and now we complain when we get a hole in our socks – sheesh. Wimps. 
  • 400 AD – The earliest known surviving socks were found in Egypt, and they were of the tabi style, which has one toe compartment for the big toe, and one compartment for the other toes – so they were able to be worn with sandals (in the sand, obviously).
  • Later – The modern word “sock” derives from the Latin word “soccus“, which was a loose-fitting slipper worn by Romans.
  • 1950s – Sock puppets and Sock Monkeys invented to the delight of children everywhere.
  • Now – The modern sock Capital of the World is Zhuji, China, which produces about 6 billion socks annually (and about 3 billion of them disappear every year when we do our laundry).

Is this history of socks not detailed enough for you? Then try this painfully detailed, and really verbose history of socks. Spoiler: The highlight is the late 17th century use of cotton in socks; Thrilling!

north face trail shoes coupons

The North Face Trail Running Shoes: $20 Off + Free Shipping

finish line logo smallCoupons for North Face Trail Running Shoes at finishline.com – If you are looking for apparel for your favorite football team, check out the selection at finishline.com, and pick up a promo code for up to a 20% discount before you buy!

north face trail shoes coupon

Coupons for Trail Running Shoes: The North Face & New Balance for Men and Women

Trail Running Shoes at Finish Line: Get a Coupon and Get Dirty: Trail running is one of my favorite activities, and I especially enjoy it this time of the year. The air is cool, the leaves are crunchy underfoot, and the woods where I run are usually a bit damp which lets you get a good whiff of that mulchy, earthy smell. Nice.

trail running north face

The North Face Trail Running Shoes for Running on Uneven Terrain

Variations in the scenery keep things interesting, and I almost have to be hyper-aware of my surroundings as the terrain is very variable. One second I might be running uphill, the next I might be jumping across a stream or over a fallen log. It’s a good mental exercise as well as physical. It also tends to recenter me spiritually as being out in nature is good for the soul. (and the runner’s high helps too!)

For trail running I usually wear a rather chunky pair of New Balance, but The North Face has recently been releasing more minimalist shoes specifically for trail running, like the Nike Free Hyperfeel. I’m really considering getting a pair of these, as they are supposed to mimic the feel of running barefooted, which is probably a cool feeling when you are trucking through the woods!

Most Trail Shoes Ship Free Unless Noted at FinishLine.com

Head over to FinishLine.com to see their entire collection of trail running shoes, and be sure to use one of our Finish Line coupons if you are interested in picking up a pair.

finish line fitness tracker coupon

Fitness Trackers: $10 Off Coupon – Watches from Finish Line from Garmin & Polar

finish line logo smallCoupons for Fitness Trackers from Finish Line – If you are looking for a wearble fitness tracker or watch, you’ll find that the best prices are at finishline.com when you use a coupon. Grab a featured promo code from below for up to 20% off and free shipping:

finish line fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers & Wearable Weight Loss Tech from Finish Line

Although still in it’s infancy, wearable tech is set to explode in 2014. From Google Glass to the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, slipping on wearable technology will one day be as common as slipping on a pair of shoes. Sony has even filed a patent for a “Smart Wig” for elderly users. Crazy stuff.

sony smart wig

But while that is still a bit off into the future, wearable fitness trackers are here now – and they made a big impact on me in 2013. Before using one, I used to have to strap my iPhone to my upper arm, and use an app to track my run. Besides being rather bulky, it had limitations.

I like to track the amount of steps I take during the day as well as my runs, and the app on the phone couldn’t do that (although I am assuming there is an app for that).

Fitness Trackers & Watches: Don’t forget to use a coupon code!

The fitness tracker that I bought almost a year ago is a smart little way to log miles and keep track of calories burned. Now I just wear my Nike+ Sportwatch all the time, and it records everything from route, pace data, activity level and changes in elevation. Pop it right into a USB port, it uploads the data and recharges the watch. Easy.

FinishLine currently has a nice selection of fitness trackers, including Under Armour, Nike, Polar, and Garmin. A few of them are currently on sale and many qualify for one of the $20 Finish Line coupons as many are over $120.

If you’re looking to lose weight, please check out the new coupons over at mightydiets.com for up to 30% off popular diets like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Medifast!

finish line nfl jerseys

Finish Line Promo Codes: NFL Jerseys, T-Shirts, & Apparel Up to 20% Off

finish line logo smallNFL Jerseys at Finish Line – If you are looking for apparel for your favorite football team, check out the selection at finishline.com, and pick up a promo code for up to a 20% discount before you buy!

nfl replica jerseys finish line

NFL Jerseys Coupon for finishline.com

Just in time for football season, Finish Line has a tremendous selection of NFL replica jerseys available for both men and women. Made with light-weight mesh, the jerseys feature your favorite player’s name and number. Here’s a short list of some of the player jerseys they have in stock:

– Tom Brady – Ezekiel Elliot – Aaron Rodgers – Troy Polamalu – Carson Wentz – Drew Brees
– Eli Manning – Jay Cutler – Payton Manning – Victor Cruz Check them all out here.

And they even have a great selection of jerseys for kids as well. Need a coupon? Check out their latest featured coupons & free shipping code here.

Why Are They Called “Jerseys”: Brief History of Sport Shirts

early basketball jerseys

Have you ever wondered why they call a sports uniform a “jersey”? As a person who has lived in New Jersey and played sports his entire life, I can’t believe I’ve never given this any thought until now. So after some quick research, let me drop some knowledge on you…

Back in the olden days, basketball uniforms were made out of a fabric called “jersey” which was comprised of knitted wool. (Imagine playing a heated game of hoops in wool?) And why was the fabric called “jersey” you ask? Well, the material was produced, since medieval times, on the island of Jersey, which is the largest of the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Confused yet?

eli manning jersey

Oh, so, Jersey, like the fabric!?

So jersey was the actual material used to make the uniforms for basketball, and eventually the uniform just became known as “a jersey.” Then other sports, including football, just picked up using the term “jersey” to describe their uniforms…and there you have it.

Have I said the word “jersey” enough in this post? No? Here’s one more then: jersey.

*Also check out the worst jerseys and sports uniforms of all time from bleacher report!